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Gold Leafing

Gold Leafing Gold is known for adding glitz to any surface and to make it shiny and more appealing to the eyes. Since ancient times, Gold has been used for making ornaments and in decorative pieces to make their surface like new and much attractive. But since this metal is very expensive it is not

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Silver Leafing

Silver Leafing RK Gold Leafing is known for providing the best quality of Silver Leafing services in India. Apart from the excellent quality of Silver Leaf and have attained great heights of success in silver leaf processing of objects. We are known for providing services for almost all kinds of surfaces or items. If you

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Champagne Leafing

Champagne Leafing There are a few clients who don’t want that yellow shine or sparkling white metallic color to any of the artwork they possess. Champagne Leafing is the best for those Clients who want something different than Gold leafing or Silver leafing to make any surface as good as new. It is neither gold

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24 Carat Gold Leafing

24 Carat Gold Leafing Artists and artisans have been using gold leaf and glitter as a method to make their creations shine and dazzle. Gold has always been associated with shimmer, which can make anything look fabulous. As the traditional and modern artifacts reflect, use of such glistening material or gold leaf has made every

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Copper Leafing

Copper Leafing Used as one of the first metals by human civilization, Copper is known for its malleability and strength. These days this stunning metal is being desired particularly because of its warm and rich color, that is red-brown tone. Copper Leafing is one of the trendiest uses of metal for giving an antique finish

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Crackle Leafing

Crackle Antique & ArtWork Leafing Now it has become easier to create a unique broken and antique looking finish on any surface with RK Gold Leafing. This new Crackle Leafing effect is one of the most exciting things to decorate home Decor items and other artwork. The crackle effect varies from one item to another

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