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Gold Leafing

Gold is known for adding glitz to any surface and to make it shiny and more appealing to the eyes. Since ancient times, Gold has been used for making ornaments and in decorative pieces to make their surface like new and much attractive. But since this metal is very expensive it is not feasible for people to apply real gold finishing to every surface they want. That is why an alternative has been developed in the form of Gold Leafing in order to make it affordable for people to make any decorative piece, home interior decoration, art work etc. opulent and lavish.

Our Gold Leafing Approach

Gold Leafing is an inexpensive option in which it has become easier for people to apply gold color on any surface they want. RK Gold Leaf in Mumbai is one of the best places where Gold Leaf is done with required expertise and excellence. The long lasting effect of our Gold Leaf Company Mumbai will give an antique look to every home d├ęcor piece. That is why Gold Leaf technique is being used for vintage items, furniture, vases, walls etc. these days to make them look more interesting and to give them a new lush life.

Our Work

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