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Crackle Antique & ArtWork Leafing

Now it has become easier to create a unique broken and antique looking finish on any surface with RK Gold Leafing. This new Crackle Leafing effect is one of the most exciting things to decorate home Decor items and other artwork.

The crackle effect varies from one item to another depending on various factors. The application method for achieving a crackle effect decides how the final look of the crackle work will turn out to be. The application technique and the combination of topcoat and basecoat color affects the crackling results heavily. For instance, a thick coat of any crackle will give in fewer, larger and deeper cracks whereas a thin coat will result in smaller and shallow cracks.

Our Crackle Leafing Approach

With its antique leaf methods, RK Gold Leafing provides the best Crackle Leafing results for every surface like vases, paintings, Home Interiors etc. Even the crackle effect finishes are most spectacular when used on rough walls, furniture, picture frames and woodwork. If you’re looking for giving an out of the ordinary look to any particular piece, RK Gold Leafing is your destination to get it. Give an antique look to any surface with our Crackle Leaf technique consisting of gold, copper and other metallic colors.

Our Work

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