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Copper Leafing

Used as one of the first metals by human civilization, Copper is known for its malleability and strength. These days this stunning metal is being desired particularly because of its warm and rich color, that is red-brown tone. Copper Leafing is one of the trendiest uses of metal for giving an antique finish to anything you want.

Our Copper Leafing Approach

Copper Leaf is a thin foil of metal which is basically used for accentuating the beauty of home decor pieces and providing an attractive finish to surfaces. Once you apply this copper leaf to any surface, it will give the finish of a shiny new penny. Copper leaf is comparatively easy to work with, much affordable and it can bring a huge change in the way your frames, vases, furnitures, etc, look. At RK Gold Leafing, we take special care of your goods by offering protection to the finish of every surface. We will also take proper care so that the Leafing is protected from tarnishing, as the copper leafing process is followed by more hardwearing topcoat.

At first, we prepare the surface for applying the copper leaf with primer and base color, then the surface is coated in adhesive size. Once the size reaches its tack, our experts apply the copper leaf with their hand.

Our Work

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