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Champagne Leafing

There are a few clients who don’t want that yellow shine or sparkling white metallic color to any of the artwork they possess. Champagne Leafing is the best for those Clients who want something different than Gold leafing or Silver leafing to make any surface as good as new. It is neither gold nor silver as it is the middle tone of Gold and Silver Leaf obtained by mixing both tones. As the name suggests, this effect or color in leafing is known for the same tint. One can also compare the color with Honey Dew, as both are almost the same.

Our Champagne Leafing Approach

Champagne Leafing doesn’t only give a subtle feel to a surface, but it is also known for giving two toned impressions of Gold and Silver. This process adds more luster to a surface while providing a contemporary and fresh new look. It can be done in two ways, which is light & dark, and both methods are used by RK Gold Leafing. Once you get renovated any space with the champagne shade, we can guarantee you that it will add an eye catchy look to it. The innovative methods, designs and up-to-date products used by our studio will definitely make your Leafing experience better and keep your place well maintained all the time.

Our Work

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